Bernard Ghanem,
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Image and Video Understanding Lab (IVUL)
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Al Khawarizmi Building (Bldg 1), Room 2125
Thuwal 23955-6900, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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I am currently an Assistant Professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), in the Visual Computing Center (VCC). I lead the Image and Video Understanding Lab (IVUL) at KAUST. My VCC webpage is here. I am also an adjunct Senior Research Scientist at the Advanced Sciences Digital Center (ADSC) of Illinois in Singapore, where I am PI on the Semantic Analysis of Video project. I am involved in several interesting projects that focus on exploiting techniques in computer vision and machine learning for real-world applications including semantic sports video analysis, large-scale activity recognition/detection, and real-time crowd analysis. 

I was a graduate research assistant at the Computer Vision and Robotics Lab (CVRL) at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My advisor was Professor Narendra Ahuja, who heads CVRL. My PhD work focused on modeling dynamic textures from video for the purpose of non-trivial synthesis, recognition, compression, extraction, and activity recognition. This problem is new, practical, and very interesting. Needless to say, it kept me busy. While I was doing my PhD, I worked on other things too, including efficient optimization schemes (e.g. in normalized graph cuts), sparse representation and dictionary learning, and ways of using human perceptual information in computer vision applications.


  • [03/2016]: QNRF proposal with David Yang, Marianne Winslett, and Mounir Hamdi on "Real-Time Analytics for Sports Video Streams" is accepted!! [go to 02:39 in the video here]
  • [03/2016]: I gave a talk at the annual KAUST-NSF conference on Large-Scale Activity Understanding [URL]
  • [02/2016]: FashionLatte and FashionMatch are in the news again. Here's the DailyIllini article!
  • [01/2016]: FashionLatte and FashionMatch are in the news. Here's the ChicagoInno article!
  • [11/2015]: 2 out of 2 AAAI papers accepted! 
  • [06/2015]: featured article about computer vision on the KAUST website 
  • [06/2015]: we presented 5 CVPR papers, one of them an oral. I want to congratulate all the members of the IVUL group at KAUST. All the papers will be available on the IVUL website
  • [05/2015]: two of my students (Fabian Caba and Victor Escorcia) were invited to the annual MSR PhD Summer School in Cambridge UK!
  • [04/2015]: article in the Universidad Del Norte website about my Google Faculty Award. It's in Spanish :)
  • [03/2015]: CIV conference at KAUST. Thanks to David Forsyth, Irfan Essa, Larry Davis, Shuicheng Yan, Yi Ma, Daniel Cremers, and ALL the other speakers!  
  • [03/2015]: 5 CVPR papers got accepted!!! 1 oral + 4 posters!
  • [02/2015]: Awarded Google Faculty Research Award for "ActivityNet: A Large-Scale Video Benchmark for Human Activity Understanding"! 
  • [12/2014]: 2 Eurographics papers accepted to publication
  • [12/2014]: Gave an invited talk at the first annual Conference on Remote Sensing at ARAMCO in Dammam
  • [12/2014]: Recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer for the Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia 2014
  • [11/2014]: Presented 3 papers at ACCV 2014 
  • [06/2014]: my postdoc Ali Thabet wins the SABIC postdoctoral fellowship for the 2014-2015 year! 
  • [06/2014]: Attended CVPR 2014 
  • [05/2014]: Program Committee member of two workshops at ACCV 2014 [IWRR2014][FSLCV]
  • [03/2014]: Victor and Fabian arrive to KAUST for a long term research internship. Link to Barranquilla news expo here
  • [03/2014]: paper accepted to MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Link here
  • [12/2013]: ICCV2013 tutorial on sparse and low-rank representations. Link here
  • [10/2013]: Finally picked a name for my lab at KAUST. It will be the Image and Video Understanding Lab (IVUL). The website will come soon
  • [09/2013]: Won the Research Collaboration Award from the University of Western Australia (UWA) with collaborators Prof. Ajmal Mian and Prof. Faisal Shafait 
  • [07/2013]: Best Paper Award at CVSports workshop at CVPR!! Congrats team!
  • [05/2013]: KAUST Seed Fund awarded! [KAUST lens]
  • [11/2012]: ADSC's Sports team got hosted in Singapore's second most read newspaper "Today": here or here 
  • [10/2012]: Neurocomputing submission about low-rank SDP accepted
  • [09/2012]: Opening for a postdoc position at KAUST. Link here for more details
  • [08/2012]: CVIU submission about modeling dynamic swarms accepted with minor revisions
  • [08/2012]: gave talks at Google Research and HP Labs
  • [06/2012]: IJCV submission about Multi-Task Tracking accepted with minor revisions
  • [06/2012]: 1 paper accepted to ECCV 2012
  • [06/2012]: 3 papers accepted to ICPR 2012: 2 orals and 1 poster
  • [03/2012]: visited ADSC in Singapore. Many fruitful meetings!
  • [03/2012]: our MTT paper got accepted to CVPR for an oral!
  • [03/2012]: submitted 2 papers to ECCV!
  • [02/2012]: joined KAUST
  • [03/2011]: we got the Spring Singapore grant
  • [12/2010]: joined ADSC